The Right Vein Society is an association dedicated to uncovering facts about ferroalloys market news and prices.

As a member of the Right Vein Society, you and all employees at your company, have access to intherightvein.com, where news items and benchmarks for ferroalloys as well as US import statistics are readily available in an easily accessible format.

intherightvein.com provides analysis rather than reprinted press releases and offers commentary on steel, the global economy and other areas not available through internet searches.

Patrick Ryan and Alice Agoos are Co-Editors of intherightveincom

Best known for founding Ryan’s Notes in 1995, Patrick Ryan and Alice Agoos were responsible for producing every issue of the preeminent news publication covering ferrous and nonferrous metals prices through July 2013 when the sale of their newsletter/conference business was completed. With prior experience as editors at McGraw-Hill’s Platts Metals Week, Patrick and Alice spent more than 60 years combined setting metals prices, reporting market news and providing careful analysis to the international metals community. Patrick and Alice established relationships with metals producers, marketers and consumers in every corner of the world, and under their leadership, Ryan’s Notes became the most reliable source for pricing and market news.

Alice Agoos and Patrick Ryan have delivered papers on metals, mining and the economy at numerous industry events. They also have served as moderators for more than 50 industry conferences.

Patrick is a frequent guest commentator on commodities on Business News Network:


Alice specializes in: Cobalt, DRI/HBI, Molybdenum, Nickel, Pig Iron, Tantalum, Tungsten and Vanadium

Patrick specializes in: Chrome, Ferrosilicon, Lead, Manganese Ore, Manganese Alloys, Polysilicon, Silicon