Who owns what in the Kolomoisky/Bogolyubov Mn empire

When ask what was the relationship between Felman Productions, Nikopol, Zaporozhye and Stakhanov by ITC commissioners, lawyers for the company were vague. However, when the lawyers submitted their post-hearing brief, they attached a slide of how the companies relate. PS the slide was out of date since it included ownership of Privat Bank and CMI.

 Igor Kolomoisky                                 Gennadiy Bogolyubov

PrivatBank (a/k/a Privat Group)

Ukrainian Facilities                   SC Feral                       Georgian American Alloys

Romania                                   (Delaware)

Nikopol                             Felman Production       CCMA     Georgian American Alloys

(Delaware)               (Delaware)        (Luxembourg)

Felman Trading       Georgian Manganese

(New Jersey)



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