DLA answers questions on its manganese metal purchase tender


1. Since it takes approximately 60-90 days to arrange for material to be purchased and shipped from China, arrive in the USA, and be packaged according to your specifications, we are suggesting that you spread the delivery period out to 14 months (vs one year). Alternatively, in order to deliver all the material within one year, you could amend your quantity upwards for the monthly intake to accommodate 3,000 tons over 9 months total. Please advise how you would care to handle this matter, as it is not customary to have this total quantity on the ground as uncommitted.

Answer: DLA-SM will allow 90 days between the contract kick-off and the first shipment.

2. Exemption for Tariffs: SECTION 6.2 allows for Form 7501 (entry summary) HS CODE 9808.00.40 shall be entered with that notation and exempt status from any and all tariffs. If our supplier is the importer of record, will you provide the necessary exemption for our supplier to make the customs entries?

Answer: DLA-SM cannot provide the exemption. Your supplier most complete the proper paperwork upon import into the United States. As a contractor, you should fill the Form 7501 (and maybe Forms 6059 and 5106) and cite SECTION 6.2 (Line 9808.00.40) for exemption of tariffs at the US Customs.

3. During the teleconference, you mentioned plus / minus 5% purchase quantity – is this stated in the solicitation attachments? Please provide reference or advise.

Answer: Yes. Correction the plus/minus purchase quantity is 1% and it can be found under Attachment F Provisions and Clauses- FAR 52.211-16 Variation in Quantity .

4. Does Strategic Materials need the full 3,000 mt referenced in the SOW?

Answer: Yes, Strategic Materials needs the full 3,000 mt referenced in the SOW. Lesser amounts will not be considered.

5. Will there be split awards?

Answer: No. Split awards will not be made under this solicitation

6. Please go over the required submittals to be included in the proposal?


-Attachment D—Past Performance Questionnaires (for at least three (3) recent (since 2015 or later and relevant customers)
-Attachment E—CLIN Structure
-Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the solicited material

-Delivery Schedule
-Expected number of lots of material
-Exampled COA for past delivery for the solicited materials

SP8000-18-R-0012 EMM Questions and Answers

7. Exemption from tariff, what if more are added how will Strategic Materials handle it?

“The NDS is exempt from all tariffs.”

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