No good news for ferrochrome sellers

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So! Glencore’s Quarterly contract price is useless. And now Chinese Stainless Producers’ monthly contract prices are useless too 🙂 FYI, for July Contract Prices, including Tax and Freight and for 50% Cr content, TISCO/JISCO was at RMB 7550, Tsingshan was at RMB 7796, and Baosteel was at RMB 7800. That’s a range of RMB 7550-7800. Seeing about RMB 150 reduction from that range, and not to RMB 7100 anywhere. If RMB falls, it will further support RMB prices. Price depends on the location of Stainless Plants and on the commercial basis. What’s that for this RMB 7100’s, CIF Shanghai? BTW… Read more »