EU expected to review dumping duties on Russian and Chinese FeSi

The EU asked interested parties if they wanted a review of the dumping duties on Russian and Chinese ferrosilicon by Jan. 9, 2019. About 90% of the time, the petition, Euroalliages in this case, asks for a review and in over 75% of the time, the duties are sustained.

Under EU regulations, the duties can only be extended or eliminated, not changed. Any party to the case can also asked for a changed circumstances review, which is harder to come by. In this case, Euroalliages might try this path thinking the EU can determined higher duties using the case, the EU might be more attractive to imports after President Trump’s attach on imports.

The current duties expire on Apr. 4, 2019. The duties are China: Erdos Xijin Kuangye, 15.6%. Lanzhou Good Land Ferroalloy Factory, 29%; and all others, 31.2%. Russia: Bratsk, 17.8% and all others 22.7%.

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