Say goodbye to Chinese EMM

When I listed some of the commodities that could be subject to the US government’s planned 10% tariff on Chinese imports, I left off manganese metal (HTSUS 8111.00.47) unwrought manganese flake containing at least 99.5% Mn by weight and 8111.00.49, unwrought manganese, nesoi. This would be on top of the “normal” 14% duty and price Chinese metal out of the market. You can bet the US mills will be screaming to have that reversed.

This is going to drive US steel producers crazy since they rely on Chinese EMM. In the first five months of 2018, the US imported 2,423 mt of EMM from China bout of total imports of 4,298 mt. In 2017, China supplied 8,215 mt out of 14,694 mt.

South Africa’s MMC is the only other significant producer and the likely beneficiary.

You can now forget about TMI’s alleged production cuts.


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