Brazilian truckers strike hammers Ferbasa’s sales in May

Ferbasa sold only 11,477 mt of ferroalloys in May 2018 vs. 20,135 mt in April; the sharp drop in sales was attributed to the truckers strike that lasted between May 21 and May 31 2018. The Brazilian ferroalloy producer’s sales in May 2018 were also down 38.9% from the May 2017.

Sales in May 2018 were comprised of 6,543 tons of ferrochrome, low- and high carbon ferrochrome (13,088 mt in April 2018), and 4,934 mt of ferrosilicon (7,047 mt in April 2018).

In May 2018, ferroalloy production was 21,134 mt vs. 22,279 mt in April and 18,919 mt in May 2017. Despite growth, ferroalloy production was also affected by the truckers’ Strike. The company shutdown some of the furnaces for lack of raw materials as well as preventive power reductions to minimize the risk of lack of inputs.

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