Ferrochrome prices around the world

The standoff on Chinese mills’ charge chrome purchase price for May is dragging on. The Chinese smelters are bidding UG2 at around $155 per mt, which is about $20 lower than what the sellers are offering, while 40-42% concentrate offers are at $185 while buyers want $165. As a result, the mills can’t set a price until the smelters settle their ore prices.

Chinese domestic charge chrome ferrochrome prices (including some Indian material) are around 86-89¢, while European prices are at the $1.10-1.14 and US prices at $1.15-1.195, ddp. In Europe, high-carbon ferrochrome was booked at $1.23, ddp.

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Whatever happening is happening quite contrary to normal understanding it seems. At best a post-facto analysis is possible. Global growth is better in 2018, SS is projected to grow at 5%, production costs in ore & FeCr have risen, but the prices have started behaving like it was in May/June/July and Nov/Dec of 2017. There should be a method to this. Except for the SS growth, which was similar last year, all of the aforementioned parameters are new now. If we try to reason out the existence of a couple of cycles within a year, price movements in 2016 do… Read more »