Ukraine’s Stakhanov resumes FeSi production

Ukraine’s Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant will resume limited production since 2014. One ferrosilicon furnace will be being started until all the plant’s eight furnaces are operating. At full capacity, the plant had a capacity of 248,000 mt of ferroalloys; in addition to ferrosilicon, the plant also produced silicomanganese and high-carbon ferromanganese.

Felman Productions is the exclusive distributor, including US sales, if any.

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Alex Andreev
Alex Andreev

Patrick, the initial owner of the plant claims he lost control over the plant in 2014 as it is located in the uncontrolled area of Ukraine. So, I doubt the plant will be able to resume output at all considering the huge damages of the equipment due to the fights with terrorists in 2014, and I also doubt Privat (and consequently, Felman) will have any extente to the plant’s activity, if any.

Dmitriy Nadtochiy
Dmitriy Nadtochiy

Hi Patrick,
I have also information that 1 furnace at Stakhanov will start in Apr’18. Former shareholders will not be involved in production and marketing but maybe involved in profit sharing.
But I wonder why do you think Ukraine government wants plants to restart in the disputed areas?