2017 US steel production up 4.3% from 2016

US raw steel production was 1,637,000 tons in the week ended Dec. 30, 2017 while the capability utilization was 70.2%. Production was up 1.9% from the same 2016 week when output was 607,000 tons while the capability utilization was 67.8%, according to the AISI. Production for the week ended Dec. 30, 2017 is down 4.7% from the previous week when production was 1,718,000 tons and capability utilization was 73.7%.
Adjusted year-to-date production through Dec. 30, 2017 was 90,106,000 tons at a capability utilization rate of 74.3%. That is up 4.3% from the 86,379,000 tons during the same 2016 period when the capability utilization rate was 70.5%.

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