Robert Mugabe, making do on government dole

Poor Robert Mugabe. Now that he is no longer President of Zimbabwe how is he going to make ends meet?

I guess he just has to make do with his government retirement package – which is in addition to all the money he salted away when he was President.

The package includes: his monthly salary as if he was still President; medical care, water and electricity expenses; a staff of 25, including a minimum of six security personnel, two private secretaries, two cooks, and two housekeepers.

A fully furnished office, access to a Mercedes S500 (probably armored) or equivalent, four wheel drive station wagon, and a pickup truck. The vehicles have to be replaced every five years.

He can also get the government to build him a new residence if his “Blue Roof” mansion in Harare doesn’t suit him.

Right now Mugabe and his wife are thought to be in Singapore.

It’s tough living on the government dole.

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