Ferroglobe just won’t take NO for an answer

After Canada’s CITT found that there was no injury or threat of injury against silicon metal imports from Brazil, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Norway and Thailand, Ferroglobe has been plotting to have the decision overturned.

The latest action was to appeal to Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal with three “suggestions”:

  • quash the order finding no injury and substitute an injury finding;
  • set aside the decision and order the CITT to review the decision
  • set aside the finding and substitute an injury finding.

Ferroglobe maintains that the CITT made an error in law and fact in regards to its final determination. And, it seems Ferroglobe singled out Norway for special attention, which only adds to the feeling that Norway is definitely in the company’s sights for EU action.

Below is the attached Ferroglobe submission:

FC A-398-17_Silicon Metal_Notice of Application

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