More news on Indian LC FeCr

New that India exporting low-carbon ferrochrome hit a nerve. One reseller reported to be that he was offered the material a little more than a month ago. The smelter he had about 300 mtpm of mainly 0.03% C but was willing to sell it at the 0.10% C price. (Talk about leaving money on the table.) The low carbon was produced using  aluminothermic process. The resellers are still doubting the quality of the Indian material. Meanwhile, one merchant reported that a small low-carbon producer has started in South Africa and is operating in a sporadic fashion.

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and why are you getting all excited about this ????? this article is nonsensical when looking at the north american market .

The north american market is all tied up on annual formula contracts and is now beginning to follow Europe up on prices as we import all the lcfecr consumed here

if you gave a present of 500 mt of Indian lcfecr to a trader what exactly are you thinking he would do with it ?? – there are no customers to go to and the few spot customers would be scared of indian lcfecr

Paul Humphreys
Paul Humphreys

The South Africans have been making aluminothermic thermos low carbon Ferro chrome for 3-4 years it depends on the cost of aluminium powder if they are competitive.

They naturally make an ultra low carbon so difficult for them to make a 0.10 c when the process makes a
0.020 by default