Indian low carbon ferrochrome hits Asian market

While low-carbon prices in China are going up, you can’t say the same in other Asian Pacific countries.

In China, 0.10% C prices rose to rmb15,300 to rmb15,800 per mt, 60% basis, ex factory with VAT, up about rmb200-300 since yesterday.

However, Indian low-carbon ferrochrome has unexpected started to appear in the Asian market, often with very cheap prices. The material is around 60% Cr and its impurities are suspect. Also there appear to be sizing problems. However, depending on how cheap it is, all those negatives can be forgiven. “I never heard of Indian low carbon in Asia before,” one seller said. “Only Chinese.”

Analysts say some of the Indian high-carbon ferrochrome producers converted some of their furnaces to low carbon and that Indian demand for low carbon has fallen off thus making exporting more viable.

According to a source, the list of Indian low carbon producers include:

SRC CHEMICALS: They claim to have capacity to produce 300 mtpm and have been producing all the time and selling locally to steel plants.

PRAKASH INDUSTRIAL CORP:  they have capacity to produce 100 mtpm up to 200 mtpm mainly producing ferromoly.

BANSI METALS:  they have been producing for many. It has been producing and supplying to foundries and it mainly specializes in 0.03% C grade that is used by many foundries they produce about 100-200 mtpm.

JAI BALAJI GROUP: A large producer of high carbon in India, they have recently started producing low carbon, but seems the cost is not viable for them  understand that their production cost is about $2 and above, heard they can produce about 300 -500 mtpm.

ALBUS INDIA: offering 200-300 mtpm and have the capacity to produce 500 mtpm, but they are not producing anything as of now as they don’t have SiCr. They currently make low carbon manganese alloy.

In terms of quality, most plants producer 60-65% grade Cr, with Al being 1.5 to 2 max. Current prices are around $1.95 per lb, c.i.f., 59-61% Cr 0.10% C and 1.5% Si.

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