Update on Chinese environmental crackdown in Ningxia

For the latest update on the Chinese govearnment’s shutdown of smelters in Ningxia. The province government’s environmental authorities will conduct new inspects beginning on Dec. 20, 2017, and the results will be announced on Dec. 27. At that time, the authorities will announce as to whether some or all of the smelters will be allowed to restart.

However, analysts pointed out that it gave very little time for the smelters to clean up and it is unlikely that many, if not all, of the smelters will remain closed.

According to officials, the Ningxia region is the worst ranked air polluted area in China. The authorities asked for the smelter to upgrade their environmental controls in September, but after failing to take action, the officials decided to suspend the factories in Zhongwei city on Dec 1. because of no improvement.

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