Eskom’s growing power SURPLUS

If Eskom is to believed, the parastatal power producer will be swimming in electricity despite asking for a 19.9% increase in electricity prices next fiscal year. According to its adequacy outlook, Eskom’s peak demand growth from 2007 fell by 1.37% in 2017, and down 6.4% in 2016. In fact, Eskom hasn’t  exceeded 2007 levels since 2010.

And, not make matters worse, Eskom’s medium term capacity outlook is even worse for surplus power.

Total capacity will be 47,868 MW in 2018 while national annual peak demand will be 36,367 MW. National peak demand vs. total capacity through 2022: 2019, 39,765 MW vs. 48,588 MW; 2020, 40,716 MW vs. 50,191 MW, 2021, 41,811 MW vs. 49,980 MW, and 2022, 42,747 MW vs. 50,678 MW.

For the full report:


NERSA System Adequacy Outlook Issue 10 – 01 December 20173847042017044731

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