Polysilicon production expected to increase; new technology impacting consumption

Production of polysilicon will increase to 445,600 mt in 2017, up 13% from 2016, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s (BNEF) latest report. And, an additional 167,000 mt will be added next year.

“A combination of unexpected high demand, temporary scarcity of metallurgical silicon feedstock (as some of the dirtier plants were closed down) and scheduled maintenance of polysilicon factories led to a fairly tight balance of supply and demand in 2017,” the report stated. “…polysilicon consumption per W of wafer side will decrease significantly next year when most of multi wafers are sliced by DWS, which could reduce silicon consumption by 17% per piece. Together with increasing market share of mono product, which generates more power from a single piece, we expect the unit consumption of polysilicon in 2018 to be 9% less than that in 2017.”


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