US manganese alloy market expected to get more competitive

The reader comments on the Glencore/Ferroglobe deal are continuing to roll it. The general consensus is that the US silicomanganese and high-carbon ferromanganese market are oversupplied and that the US is still the premium market to sell in.

This means that Glencore will continue to offer and sell more into the US and that would put pressure on other suppliers. South 32 is pretty secure with its deal with DJJ/Nucor so it any reduction will be with other suppliers.

Already, consumers commented that they are revising their price ideas for 2018 and are expecting a more competitive market in terms of fixed prices and discounts. 

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Just plain Weird , Glencore had been steadily increasing their manganese portfolio the last few years. This represents the first time as far as i can remember of Glencore selling a ferroalloy asset. It appears to be a huge climb down from their normal strategy to control different alloys that they are involved in. As to the North American market – we assume no effect as there is really no spot market in North America for hcfemn . And by selling the manganese asset no vested interest by Glencore to control manganese and try to artificially manipulate it up –… Read more »