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Lou Parous

Seems to be a lot of misinformation also being spread around to oppose the project for certain reasons. I even read someone egregiously and erroneously equating metallurgical silicon production to polysilicon production and blatantly twisting the facts related to the, in fact, very strict environmental control systems on modern greenfield smelters.


I also saw that “information” alleging that the HiTest plant would ruin the environment. Now days it would be impossible to build ANYTHING in the US and specifically along either coast without triggering loony opposition. If these people had their way, the US would be still undeveloped forest. Unfortunately, it is a fact of industrial life. At least HiTest met the challenge head on with the teaser.

Jeff Rich
Jeff Rich

Lots of ignorant comments here already (pro-smelter). Smelting isn’t a non-toxic activity, there are always costs and side effects which have been well documented. Silicosis for starters is a deadly disease and very dangerous to workers and the community. Our community is not industrial and never will be – who would want to ruin this beautiful mountain community for a few jobs? Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide pollution into our atmosphere? It doesn’t make any sense at all. With our inversions? The heavy truck traffic alone will make a big impact on every town from Canada down through Bonners Ferry,… Read more »


Progress is a bitch


Teaser for HiTest Silicon

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