No more Mr. Nice Guy or a mellow Patrick Ryan

Economists, statisticians and political pundits are pretty good at telling you why something happened—but only after it happened. Yes, there are a lot of people in the three aforementioned groups who now claim credit for predicting the Trump victory but those people are mostly liars.

What is not painfully clear is that we never expected Trump to win. Now in retrospect I can confidently say Trump was probably the ONLY person who could beat Hillary with all her advantages. Give Trump his due, he won without much money or organization and didn’t enjoy the backing for the entrenched interests.

No, the people elected Trump, not the experts. One political pundit, a close friend, admitted to me that he didn’t give him a chance because NO ONE HE KNEW supported Trump. Some probably did, but not many.

We are so used to talking to like-minded people, we don’t see the exceptions.

What does this mean? We should start playing devil’s advocate more often. For me, that’s easy but I supposed I just got complacent.

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Nancy Connors
Nancy Connors

Sounds like a learning curve.


Getting mellow is not something I aspire to