President Trump, really President Trump

The old is officially over and the new is officially here. The election of Donald Trump was unexpected and expected at the same time. The US was completely fed up with the current state of affairs in the US and saw Donald Trump the only agent of change, or better or for worse. The Clintons are toast the world has changed.

Despite all the talk about compromise and reaching across the isle, I don’t buy it for a second. The race for the Democratic nomination has begun and the progressives are going to be obstructionists. They have to be.

Their argument will be that Hillary wasn’t progressive enough and that’s why she lost. She was a member of the establishment who was holding everyone back. Good riddance you old lady. The Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren wing of the party will be calling the shots and will make everything into an issue.

Right now, we can all say, the sun came up today and the world is still here.  Or as Bill Clinton said: Make change your friend, or Barack Obama said: a change for the better. Can change now come a pejorative word?

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