Little change in US imports of MC Femn

There were no significant changes in US imports of medium-carbon (1-2% C) ferromanganese in the first nine months of 2016. Imports in the first three quarters were 50,995 mt for a monthly average of 5,666 mt vs. a monthly average for all of 2015 of 5,360 mt. Korea was by far the largest supplier for the first three quarters of 2016 with 25,267 mt, with South Africa, 7,176 mt, Australia, 6,858 mt; Mexico, 6,441 mt; and Norway, 4,743 mt, following. September imports were 6,662 mt. Average monthly imports (first three quarters of 2016 vs. all of 2015) were: Mexico, 716 mt vs. 355 mt; Norway, 4,743 mt vs. 720 mt; Australia, 762 mt vs. 335 mt; and South Africa, 797 mt vs. 1,455.

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