Warning signs for US silicomanganese imports

So far the shortage of silicomanganese in the US has yet to material but there are signs it might. US imports in September fell to 19,018 mt, the second lowest monthly total in 2016. For the first three quarters of 2016, the US imported  231,804 mt for a monthly average of 25,756 mt vs. a monthly 2015 average of 26,488 mt (total 2015 imports were 317,852 mt). In April, the major suppliers were (2016 monthly average, including September, in parentheses) : Australia, 13,824 (4,919 mt) mt; Norway, 2,311 mt (22,808 mt), Spain, 1,107 mt (926 mt); and South Africa, 1,300 mt (6,361 mt). Georgia remains the largest US supplier, shipping 70,674 mt in the first three quarters of 2016 for a monthly average of 7,853 mt; in 2015, the country exported 84,995 mt for a monthly average of 7,083 mt.

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