OM’s FeSi production and sales higher in third quarter

OM Holdings’ Sarawak ferrosilicon smelter in Malaysia produced 32,068 mt in the third quarter of 2016, an increase of approximately 10% over the same 2015 period and a 2.73% over the second quarter of 2016. The plant achieved a production average of 58.09 mt per furnace per day in the third quarter, which exceeded the company’s furnace design capacity of 55 mt per furnace per day.

For the third quarter of 2016, 34,882 mt of ferrosilicon was sold compared to 30,568 mt in the previous quarter, an increase of approximately 14.1%. The company is monitoring the ferrosilicon market and will ramp up the furnaces to its nameplate production capacity.

The smelter project consists of 16 units of 25.5 MVA furnaces with a design capacity to produce 308,000 mtpy of ferrosilicon alloys.

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