Everyone is playing the game but the rules are different

I never liked exceptions or waivers or anything that smacks of special treatment. Right now we are confronted by the fact that many of our favorite athletes are legal enhanced drug users using the therapeutic use exemption (TUE) which allows an athlete to take a banned performance substance for a medical condition before, during, and after a competition. Not bad, especially since we are all over the Russians for drug cheating.

Maybe they don’t have enough compliant doctors writing prescriptions that convince the various officials that its okay.

However, what really bothers me that the TUE is pervasive on schools, all the way from elementary to graduate school.

Any parent can go to a doctor and get an ADD opinion that allows the child to get more time during a test and use an Adderall that boosts attention.

I feel sorry for the poor kid who walks into a room to take a SAT or GRE exam and are one of the few who doesn’t get an untimed test or isn’t filled with chemicals.

Obviously the thumb is on the scale and those parents who were either too out of it or old fashion to take advantage of it has seriously done harm to their offspring. I think its parent abuse.

I guess if fit into that category since my kids never asked for or received those benefits.

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