Some good and bad news on manganese alloys

While all the suppliers are talking about a shortage of manganese alloys in the US due to high ore prices and low alloy prices. However, there seems to be a mixed picture on that.

US imports of silicomanganese for the first eight months of 2016 were 212,786 mt for a monthly average of 26,598 mt. The monthly average for ALL of 2015 was 26,488 mt. US imports in August were 22,347 mt.

On the other hand, US imports of high-carbon ferromanganese were 81,570 mt for a monthly average for the first eight months of 10,196 mt. This, however, compared to a monthly average for all of 2015 of 14,541 mt. And, imports in July were 15,097 mt compared to 5,559 mt in August.

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