The trouble with history is that it holds you back

Following my great success with leave the gun and take the cannoli, I thought I would challenge the old farts in the metals industry with a list of 10 easy questions. This is your alzheimer’s test. If you get all 10 (and I only know the answers to 9), you played the last hole and are on your way to life’s 19 hole.

When the LME ring was really the ring, where was it located in London and what was flicked in the ring?

When Marc Rich decided that Switzerland was really better for his health than NYC, he took along two important partners from Phibro, one eventually headed the London office of Marc Rich and the second faced the same legal problems as Marc. Who were they?

What is the difference between old and new oil?

Where was the Green Man and what was the Green Man?

What three partners from Metal Traders founded TransWorld Metals?

Who were Pieter DeKoning and Peter Lai?

Who headed Metallgesellshaft when it collapsed?

What was the original name of Glencore?

What did Asarco stand for?

How many companies did Larry Pryor work for?


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