111. In the end, what has the most value?

It’s a price-based competition, but do relationships still value? And, is it all objective without any subjective component?

After all the numbers are crunched and the supplier is selected, what’s left? WHO HAS LAST LOOK? This is the holy grail, the promise land, the ultimate price. To be able to match the lowest-priced bid without any further competition is the gold standard. Because this has the most value, how to value it?

Should a mill auction off the last look option?

And, relationships allow the two parties a less adversarial, more a cooperative effort and hopefully a win-win. People like to do business with people they like after all.

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David Hanick
David Hanick

Was this written by the AlanPatrickRyan who just recently wrote ” The separation between truth and lies is more a blur than a line. It’s not like we just discovered people have been lying to us – My god, There is sin in River City. I guess you just don’t like the lies that affect you.” Yes people like to do business with people the like but more importantly they do with business with people they trust.


Melius utique supervacua scire quam nihil scire – seneca