FAIR is the last ring of Hell

Now that I have ranted on my most hated word of 2016 – legacy – it’s time to mention my most hated and misunderstand word of all time, FAIR. Not only is it the most subjective word in economics but it is also used as a hammer. “He’s not paying his FAIR share; it’s not FAIR that the moderator was biased.” We all know that what’s FAIR to me (subjectively) is UNFAIR to someone else.

I thought it was amusing that Donald Trump, along with most of the other “rich” people are accused of not paying their FAIR share of income taxes. Remember none of them are accused of doing something illegal except that it wasn’t FAIR.

I doubt many people go to their accountants and/or financial planners and say: “Don’t take that deduction, I should be paying my FAIR share of taxes.” Taking every single deduction is as American as apple pie.

As for being treated fairly, get over it. We already live in a world of micro aggressions. However, I think it is unfair that I am not a billionaire.

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